On A Quest For...the best Dad ever!

If you are On A Quest for the best dad ever...just check out my dad!  He is one of the nicest guys around!  He has always loved me unconditionally and supports everything I value or stand up for! He does this probably because I have accepted quite a bit of his values throughout my life. What are these values? Hard work, family first, avoid gossip, don't fret what others say about you, communicate clearly with everyone, and always do your best at everything you do...sure wish I had learned all those handy man things he has helped me with through the years! I always was a Paige Hemmis wannabe! Oh well...just like Paige, my Daddy always helps anyone who needs a helping hand!

Everyone loves my Daddy...and, I am his biggest fan! What values did your dad instill in you...good or bad?  Love your comments...and Happy Father's Day to all out there! By the way...check out my big and oh so easy Father's Day cook out menu on Di's Cup Cakes!


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