On A Quest For...Rave Reviews

Well, back to business...but, I did enjoy the heck out of the Real Women of Philadelphia contest...didn't win anything, but a ton of heavenly sent girlfriends! And even more friends via my Twitter account!  In fact, tonight is LRTweetup Thursday... drinks, social networking, and maybe dinner at the Red Door sound really swell!  The last time I visited this classy Little Rock restaurant was with my daughter, and we had a delightful meal. They had a special Spinach Artichoke Dip with Toasted Cheese Ciabatta Bread that I did make a meal out of...however, the French Onion Soup was just a little too exotic for me and my waiter noticed I was not eating it...I never complain for silly reasons such as my finicky taste buds...now, if it had been inedible, I would have said something....soooo he took it off my ticket!  He didn't have to, but he was very kind and did me a favor...I like that...If You Are Able To Pleasantly Do Something Nice For Somebody.....JUST DO IT!!!  Anxious to return tonight because I do love most of the dishes that nationally recognized Chef Mark Abernathy cooks up...can't wait to Tweet up, socialize out, and chow down tonight at the Red Door! Check it out and see why this place always gets rave reviews!

Oh, and speaking about rave reviews...if you want to do something nice for someone today because you are able...please go to the Best of 425 Magazine and vote for The Old Hen B & B...as Best of Hotels...be nice and JUST DO IT! ...and, thank you very much!!


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