On A Quest For My Yin and My Yang

While recently philosophizing (is this a word) with my beautiful, hippie/guru daughter (product of the 60s...late 60s I might add), I realized there have been many control freaks (still are) in my life (as hers). I use to be one...a CF, that is...but gladly gave that up about thirteen years ago (long story/later blog). However, to this very day, I must confess, there is a dilemma (inside my whole self) about giving in to my Yin (dark side) and staying a CF or going forward to the Yang (light side), thus, becoming a leader.

Oh, you say...leader...how presumptuousness...well, somebody has to make a #?*! decision. Sorry, my Yang side, oops, Yin side came out for a brief moment ( #?*! dyslexic, too). Anyway, I learned that the opposite of CF is leader, and I am always in a struggle to let the two forces interact, consequently hoping to form a HAPPY MEDIUM...which is what I have always been On A Quest For in the #?*! first place. Hope you're having less trouble with your Yin and your Yang...Peace, Love, and Joy to you...


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