My Cure For These HOT Southern Summertime Blues...or Back To The 60s (The Good Ole Days)

Back in the good ole days, summer was always the best season of the year! Sleeping late, cooling off in the lakes, hanging with your friends, and letting the cares of the world (parents/school) not upset your summertime joy. Things do change when you're an adult...and, the summer of 2012 has really been a hard one to enjoy (as an almost elderly adult) in the Natural State. This summer our Arkansas weather will go down in history (just like the summers of '54 and '80) as a record breaking heat and drought nightmare!

Gee, I miss those summers of old (the good ole days) for many reasons. And, I'm aching to leave these triple digits and return to those glorious upper 90s along with thunderous rainfalls that always bring about our famous and unbearable Arkansas humidity. Oh well, this heat and drought shall pass and in the meantime, I've discovered a few amazingly fun indoor outlets...

  1. Buying cool shoes at the mall.
  2. Posting on all my blogs.
  3. Chatting, reconnecting, and emailing with my real sisters.
  4. Digging into good reads like, B. R. Fleming's, Summertime Blues. On my second reading because it is so expertly written about those awkward years from teenager to young adult (along with tons of fun, sex, rock & roll) and is situated in a small Southern town in the 60s. Hummm...been there, done that, bought many tie dye t-shirts, and now I'm reading the book! 
  5. Enjoying simpler recipes like Beef Enchilada Casserole.  
I may be time traveling back to the 60s and beating the heat inside for now, but certainly looking forward returning soon to the great Arkansas outdoors, more normal temps, and life as an almost elderly adult (with days that just don't seem like the good ole days)...and, what pray tell are you doing to beat these HOT Summertime Blues?



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