On A Quest For a Cheap Bottle of Vodka...and Some Incredibly Expensive Vanilla Beans

As a baker, I usually use only the good stuff...like real butter, whole milk, and really potent homemade vanilla extract. None of those cheap imitation flavorings for my baked goodies and I don't use wire hangers either, nor did I ever fall for that breast enlargement gimmick. However, I do need a cheap bottle of vodka at the moment. Seems I only have Skyy and Grey Goose in my pantry when Smirnoff will do. I will then gather my cheap vodka and really expensive vanilla beans to make my traditional big bottle of really potent homemade vanilla extract...it's gonna be a fun day in the kitchen! Join me...

Here's the recipe for my Really Potent Homemade Vanilla Extract:

750 ml bottle of vodka
12 whole vanilla beans (I can sometimes find vanilla beans, two per bottle for $8 at Walmart or shop online for a better buy)
dark rum (optional)

1. With kitchen scissors, split the vanilla beans down the line but not completely in half.
2. Take a swig or two of the vodka (or pour some out) in order to make room for stuffing the split vanilla beans into the bottle.
3. Recap tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Periodically shake the bottle. Ready in a couple of months. 
4. When ready, decanter into smaller bottles using a funnel. If you want a bigger kick and stretch for your vanilla beans, after the first decanting, pour a little dark rum into the big bottle. Shake and store till the next decanting. 

Will last a long time if stored properly in a cool, dark place. Now get out there and drink more vodka...oops...bake more goodies!!



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