On A Quest For My Favorite ET Film

I have many fond memories of Elizabeth Taylor and all her fame, as well as, humanitarian efforts. I especially admire her PASSION with the HIV/Aids cause and her perseverance for never giving up on getting that marriage thing right! As she died today at 79, I thought back a few years to remember my favorite ET film...Cleopatra.

I have this amazing saga recorded on my DVR and have been watching it in leisurely segments for a while now.  However, I remember the first time I saw this infamous (can't believe it ever got finished) film back in the mid 60s on my first boy/girl date. How awkward sitting in the theater watching an epic movie with a guy's arm around your shoulder with both of us daring not to move for hours! Loved the film though and definitely loved the Lady...who didn't love Elizabeth...maybe Debbie Reynolds...but, I'm sure she too eventually succumbed to the charms of this magnificent woman, as we all have in time. What's your favorite ET film??


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