The Legend of the Buckeye Nut...

The legend of the buckeye nut from the buckeye tree has been around forever. My Nannie gave me one one time telling me to carry it in my pocket for good luck.  Others believe this brown pod containing three nuts brings the owner sexual favors and a pocketful of money. In fact, nine months later I had a baby and found a dime on the street. 

Whatever the case may be, these gorgeous dark clusters, resembling the eye of a deer, are beginning to ripen and should not be picked from the tree until the husk starts to open. I've got a bumper crop this year...luck is on my way! I don't think there will be another baby, but I sure could use another dime and BTW, these husks and nuts are slightly poisonous, so handle with care if you're lucky enough to have a buckeye tree.


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