House of Asian In Forest City, North Carolina

I have traveled to North Carolina for the last fourteen years to keep up with my family. I've visited a few really cool places like Downtown Charlotte, Blowing Rock, Tweetsie Railroad, and Boone. And, when I do go, I ALWAYS stop at one of my most favorite cities in the whole world, small town Forest City, NC USA. It has the Andy of Mayberry feel all over. I've often thought I would like to retire there but, reality bites and I probably would go stark ravin' mad with all the coziness after a few days. So, I just drop in from time to time and mosey down Main Street to check out all the super trendy merchants and restaurants.

Usually I stop by the (always crowded) old time soda fountain in Smith's Drug Store. However a couple of years ago, a bit farther down Main, I found the House of Asian. No more favorite pimento cheese sandwiches, chips, and malts from Smith's. I am hooked on everything the HOA has to offer. This year I got the usual Fried Egg Rolls along with some Tom Yum Soup and Hibachi Shrimp (see first two pics below). WOW!!! All three were absolutely Di vine! Rolls are always expertly fried, never greasy. The soup was a little pricey at $3.99 but well worth it.  And, the grilled shrimp with carrots and mushrooms plus their special mayo Asian sauce and fried rice were out of this world. No small town cookin' here. This place is the BIG TIME! I think I enjoy it so much because you can tell someone really CARES about the various Asian cuisines they are cookin' here! Vietnamese, Thai, or Japanese...try it and you will see what I mean.  Hopefully, the remaining pics will take you back to your good ole memories from any town Main Street USA. These are mine...


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