Hillary Hair...


I have admired Hillary Clinton for many, many years. I've watched (from afar) as she moved up the ranks of giddy young married woman (in the Central Arkansas area) giggling (yes, giggling, I saw her do it one time) with her husband to the most influential woman in the world as Secretary of State. I respect her as a strong politician, a good wife, a great mom, a fellow Methodist, a brilliant mind, a successful author, and I especially love her hair.

Finally, she seems to have come up with a decent looking, classical style that certainly becomes her. You know, that cute little 'flip up' do that works for a lot of gals. In fact, I almost have Hillary Hair. And, I could possibly pass for Hillary's doppelgänger. What do you think? Would love to maybe help the secret service out as a double for Hillary (how exciting) when she becomes our next President?? If only Wendy Davis doesn't beat her out!


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