On A Quest For...Sprucing UP A FB Timeline

Found these great places online to spruce up a FB timeline. Sure, baby pics, grade schools shots, and vases of flowers are fine for a while but, for more creative ways to express your most inner thoughts and feelings (surely by now your sharing every ounce of your persona [hopefully not non grata] to all other online creatures), check out these cool websites!
  1. http://www.fbcoverpix.com/
  2. http://covercanvas.com/
  3. http://coverjunction.com/
  4. http://www.faceitpages.com/
I'm very pleased with my new FB timeline...and, I can't wait to change it (fickle, fickle)...so many options!! Remember, maneuver the web carefully, it is your friend...


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and Fun Skip is another great way to spruce up your FB timeline. Take care!!


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