On A Quest For Arkansas' Best Cupcake!

In the photo above, you see the biggest and best arrangement of assorted cupcakes that I've purchased in a good while. Ummm, Italian Cream, Carrot, Chocolate, Coconut, etc. And, imagine this, they are made by a guy in Jacksonville, AR at Cakes by Sam!

Cupcakes are certainly not girly things anymore and, I do love cupcakes. I guess you could call me a true CCC (Cup Cake Connoisseur). I've had cupcakes from all over the great state of Arkansas like cakes from Kroger, cakes from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh, cakes from Community Bakery, cakes from Ed's Bakery, and cakes from Rick's Bakery, however, these delicious cupcakes are by far the best I've eaten lately! These huge delights are always soft, fresh, moist, and sometimes alcoholically flavorful.  Now, you can do your own math or check out mine...I often purchase six cupcakes at a visit, usually give four away, and end up eating two all by myself. But, however you want to go figure, do a good thing today and visit Cakes by Sam...purchase some, eat a few, and give the remainder away to people you really love. And, to think I once thought I was bad at math...

Which ones do I often choose to keep?? You guessed it...the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cupcake with a sliver of chocolate candy on top or sometimes the heavily laden, pecan charged, German Chocolate Cupcake. I do have one complaint...my last German Chocolate CC did not have any center filled frosting in it! Hope that was just a teeny tiny mistake that won't ever happen again!! I will be back...

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