A Heloise Moment

I was reading Helpful Hints by Heloise in the AR/Demo Gazette newspaper today and noticed Heloise, oops, I meant Kiah Michelle, oops, Kiah Marchelle, oops, I meant Kiah Marchelle Heloise...oh, just read the history of Heloise and her daughter for yourself  http://www.heloise.com/original_heloise.html! Anyway, being an average and ordinary housewife myself, I love this column and often find many helpful hints. However, today I got a really big chuckle...
Dear Heloise: I've discovered a good use for old dishwasher racks. Use the bottom rack under a bed for shoes, etc. It rolls over carpet well. I have three under my bed, and I love them.___Ruth in Westminster, Calif. 
 Hmm, I must comment that anyone who is going through old dishwasher racks at this rate of speed needs to eat out more often or splurge on a top of the line model next time. And, that's my tip for the day...Heloise style. Have you got a favorite Heloise moment? You've also gotta love the original Heloise, an ordinary housewife who's tombstone read when she died in 1977, "Heloise, Every Housewife's Friend"...  My friend for sure!


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