On A Quest For Some Really Good Indian Food on the North Side of the River

Have been waiting for a really good Indian restaurant to come to North Little Rock and the wait is now over. Taste of India has come to the Lakewood Village area and is certainly one of the best Indian cuisines I have ever tasted. I've been there at least four times since its grand opening about a month ago!

This place is in the Lakewood Village shopping mall, right down from AT&T which is on the corner. They have a $9.00 all you can eat buffet for lunch which has plenty of vegetarian and chicken choices. The vegetable fritters are to Di for as well as the Tandoori Chicken! A creamy spinach dish is really tasty, too. Also, plenty of choices in the cool salad area. And, warm deliciousNaan (flat bread) rounds out a very fulfilling meal.

For dinner you choose from a variety of appetizers and entrees, with the Naan being extra. One night, I had an eggplant something or other which was a mixture of eggplant, nuts, spices, and oil of some sort. It was absolutely the best eggplant I have ever eaten. So simple, yet so divine!  Mike got a chicken curry and it was out of the ball park delicious as well.  The dishes were served in traditional copper Handi pots and came with a side of fluffy Jasmine rice.

The only thing I could complain about was the service being slightly slow. But, with all due respect the place has been slammed with lots of patrons every time we go. Seems like a lot of people have also been waiting for some really good Indian food to finally be served on the north side of the river. Oh, and if you are a true Southerner like myself, you might want to pass on the iced tea (too fruity) and stick with the large carafe of water they always bring to your table.


  1. Sounds Yummy! Maybe we can give it a try next time we are in town.

  2. It is really good food. When can I expect y'all??

  3. It is really good food. When can I expect y'all??


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