On A Quest For Some More Farkleberry Fodder

A packed house at the Darragh Center, Main Little Rock Library last night with lots of reminiscent Farkleberry Follie Folks found in the crowd! The cheese, fruit, and scrumptious snacks along with pretty darn good wine and beverages were a big hit as well as the specially made Hello Folly video and distinguished panel of Farkleberry Follies skit creators, Craig Douglass, Ben Combs, and Bill Lancaster. Did I say distinguished? When asked why the Follies haven't been around for the last decade, Lancaster said, "A man can only drink so much whiskey!" Gee, Bill...why didn't y'all creative wizards switch to beer and last a few more years?? We do miss the Follies!

However, if you donate at least $25 to benefit the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies you will receive a Hello Folly video as a thank you gift so you can keep on laughing out loud for a good while.  And, thanks to the Butler Center, a wide variety of materials related to Arkansas history and culture is collected (like the Leroy Donald Collection) and made available to researchers and the general public like you and me!

It's always fun to laugh and poke fun at our fine politicking people of Arkansas and, as the panel agreed last night, it's nice to reminisce but, there will always be satirizing opportunities aplenty like the Arkansas Lottery or the number of state issued vehicles to name a couple. As for me, I'm just wondering who might become the next Arnold or Weiner livin' in the Natural State.


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