A Digital Death For Celebrities on World Aids Day on Wednesday Dec 1, 2010

Will you be shocked to the point of 'waking up' on Wednesday when you see one of your favorite celebrities like Alicia Keys  or Lady Gaga lying in coffins to represent what the campaign, Digital Life Sacrifice, calls their digital deaths? On Dec 1, 2010 World Aids Day, these stars will jolt you into wondering why we care so much about one celebrity's death as opposed to the millions of others who are steadily affected by HIV and AIDS. Gaga, Keys, and many others will soon sign off their Facebook and Twitter accounts and not return until $1 million dollars is raised for families in Africa and India who are so savagely affected by this cruel disease. I doubt they will be 'dead' long...

These techno savvy personalities know how to take full advantage of the mediums they so avidly use in order to help raise lots of money for their worthwhile causes. Lady Gaga alone has over 7.2 million followers on Twitter and 24 million fans on Facebook which is sure to generate titanic action!

However, if you want to support those closer to home on World Aids Day 2010...how about giving to the Arkansas Aids Foundation which caters strictly to those in the Natural State. So, don't get emotional on Wednesday when you see the digital death of your favorite celebrity, just 'wake up' and put this disease into a proper perspective!


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