The Perfect TV Mom...Mrs. Cleaver or Mrs. Wolowitz...You Choose

Gee, I can't believe one of TV world's most perfect moms died a couple of days ago. Mrs. Cleaver was the perfect mom to Wally and the Beave and the perfect wife to Ward. I will miss every perfect thing about her...perfect bouffant hair do, perfect white pearls and snazzy outfits when she cooked her perfect meals, and perfect parenting skills to boot. There was really not much of anything that nobody didn't love about Mrs. Cleaver. I admire her for making something really spectacular out of her ordinary housewife status and especially for overshadowing that perfect jerk of a husband...check out this video...

I salute this character for pioneering the libber road long before libbing wasn't cool. Good bye Mrs. Barbara Billingsley! 

And just for fun...don't you ever wonder what could have happened to June's boys if she hadn't been such a perfect wife for Ward?  Seems like one of our favorite geek's father left his mother when he was only eleven...check out this YouTube video with Howard Wolowitz  and the Big Bang Theory nerds...Howard's Mother to the Rescue. I really like Mrs. Wolowitz as well...she may scream and yell and be labeled a "crazy old lady"...but somehow she will probably also go down in TV world stardom as one of the greatest TV moms ever and we'll never even know what she looked like. Mrs. Cleaver or Mrs. Wolowitz...which one is your favorite mom?


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