Fall Splendor in the Ozarks

You must come and visit our lovely state of Arkansas in the fall. The dogwoods are turning the most striking burgundy this year as in the photo on the right of our driveway to the Turquoise House. Beautiful, huh? There are lots of other wonderful foliage drives through the Ozark countryside...

One of the familiar routes that we are so blessed with in our lovely state has to be scenic Hwy 7. This wonderful stretch of roadway goes through the Ozark Mountains, along the Arkansas River Valley toward the Ouachita Mountains. Another well known national scenic byway is the Talimena Scenic Drive which runs along Rich Mountain near Mena. Be sure and stay at Queen Wilhelmina State Park atop the mountain http://queenwilhelmina.com/. #3 and me stayed there in the Honeymoon Suite in 2007 and what a wonderful visit we had! You can plan your  get away as well. Just call for the Arkansas Vacation Planning Kit at 1-800-NATURAL or order online at http://arkansas.com/. The Natural State has something for everyone!

Maybe the rain we have been blessed with all summer has made the hillsides more colorful this year, but whatever the case may be, the transitions of the seasons are like the constant changing of the guard ...fascinating to look at even if you have seen it a dozen times before. Today, it is especially nice to be alive and well, and roaming the scenic roadways in the Natural State of Arkansas.


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