A Slightly Devilish Birthday Surprise

Yes, I'm in the mood! Tomorrow is my birthday and me and #3 are having a dinner party for a few good friends. I've been in a mischievous kind of mood lately, so for this grand event, I have a devilish little curve ball to throw...Lady Di's Strawberry Sliders! I've been making these juicy red zingers for a few years now, as I got the recipe from a good friend who seems to be a little on the wicked side, too. Love her to death, though! One time we made some of these little jewels for our bridge club, and sat back to watch, as the girls, unsuspectingly, chomped into one. They taste like plain ole strawberries at first, until whammo...it hits you all at once. Giggle, giggle! My bad? Oh, yes I am, and seem to be getting a lot more sinister in my 'old' age. Go ahead, have some fun...make these strawberry sliders and trick and treat your friends or enemies, whomever you prefer! Don't say a word as you serve this sappy treat. Just sit back and watch all the surprised expressions. And do as I do, save the juice to sip from your teacup in a most respectable way. Oh well, #3 's right again, I have always been a little bit on the strange side!

Lady Di's Strawberry Sliders
2 pounds fresh strawberries
1 cup light rum
1 cup vodka
1 cup triple sec
1 cup powdered sugar

Carefully trim the strawberries by gouging out the stem and exposing the hollow center.
Must do this to marinate properly.
Place the berries in a sealed container and sprinkle the powdered sugar all over them.
Add the rest of the tipsy ingredients, seal the container, and jostle for joy.
Refrigerate for at least two days, occasionally tumbling the fruits.
Just prior to serving gently remove the strawberries from their marinade and serve them cold.
Sit back and watch the fireworks!


  1. Oh, yes! Thanks for the encouragement! Can't understand why Aaron keeps trying to Unsubscribe! lol


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