On a Quest For...A Joyful Hallelujah!

I've lived in the NWArkanasas area for approximately seven years now, and #3 and me, by choice, do not have a local church. It's not that we didn't make an attempt. Actually, when we first arrived in this far away land (I do miss Little Rock), we joined a huge church in downtown Fayetteville (approx 3000 members), but after about one year and a small misunderstanding with the pastor's wife, we withdrew our membership.

The problem arose when, one Sunday, the brotherhood had advertised in a church pamphlet for volunteers to facilitate small group studies. I eagerly filled out the necessary form and put it in the donation plate along with our customary tithe. We really were good church people...honestly! I was so excited because I had done this type of work for my previous churches in the central Arkansas area. Then the call came...from the associate pastor...with instructions from the pastor's wife...who was in charge of these small groups. He apologetically explained that I could not facilitate a small class and couldn't give a reason when I asked him for details. In fact, he was very apologetic and embarrassed about the whole ordeal. I supposed that the other 25 years of church membership in the central Arkansas area did not count at this church and besides, I was just not from around this area. I had never been treated this way before. It really hurt...

But, there is a joyful ending to this story... I'm glad we chose not to belong to this church or other churches in the area, because I've found other ways to express my desire for giving back to the community. For instance, helping with the local Alzheimer's Association has been a great experience because the delightful people within this organization are very grateful for anxious and worthy volunteers! Ah...appreciation and love...WOW! Join us on September 12, 2009 when we have the annual Alzheimer's Memory Walk at the Arvest Ballpark on I540 and see for yourself. Check out the following website for all the details. nwawalk.kintera.org/truckerbuddies
Oh, and I'm not really 'church bashing'...just choose what is right for you...that's what we did.


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