On A Quest For...A Teeny Weeny, Little Bitty, Microscopic, Morsel of Courage

The other night, #3 and me had dinner with the neatest couple! Did I just say...neatest? I meant to say something like...coolest or most interesting or very fascinating. Anyway, we all seemed to have a lovely time as we conversed about new and exciting things. Mainly, their interesting lives. Yes, there is a slight bit of covetousness involved here, however, the subject of this post is not to talk about other people and their interesting lifestyle, rather it is to contemplate about how my life has turned drastically dull (did I say...dull? I meant to say something like...boring or deadened or even sluggish to say the least!) and especially to talk about how I really need the courage to continue working on my Bucket List!

I know I've talked about my seasonal depression in past posts, but this is different. I have a big case of the Bucket List Blues. By this I mean, I have no courage to do the things I really want to do before I leave this wonderful place called earth. I'm even scared to get on a plane these days! How do I get this thing called courage? That's all the Cowardly Lion wanted in a place called Oz. This is not a rhetorical question...I really need to know. Where do you get your courage to do the things in life that are most important to you, when the Wizard of Oz is not around to hand out a bowl full of it for all us cowardly lions?



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