Garden Bistro...NLR

Dropped in at the new Garden Bistro (old Victorian Gardens) in the Lakewood House of North Little Rock the other day to have a light spot of soup. The soup on the menu was a Double Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Hummm, I'm game. So, I tried it and gee, there was no lightness or soup in it anywhere. It was very tasty however, it was just a big ole bowl of chicken pot pie covered in tons of sauce and little biscuit hunks. Would have been great if I was a lumberjack. I was sort of disappointed because I was really in the mood for a tasty bowl of soup. Service was good. Decor still the same as the prior establishment. Still a super nice place for ladies to go and have a delightful lunch. If you are a soup lover like myself, you might want to ask questions before ordering. Something I might want to start doing. I've since heard the Eggs Benedict on the menu are very good. Maybe, next time.

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