DiPhone Chaps My Apps

Just when I thought I had almost figured out my DiPhone(surely you have a pet name for your favorite toy), this smarty pants little treasure completely chaps my apps! It all happened the other day as I was syncing my DiPhone with my DiTunes account and low and behold the next thing you know, I had lost all my apps! A few months ago I would have gone to the hall closet and screamed my diLungs out, but because Mr. Jobs has helped me become a confident, savvy, computer/techie wizard person, I put on my thinking cap...and started reloading all the free apps I had previously downloaded...all those I could remember, that is.

The moral of this story...keep a written list of your favorite apps and if you do loose them and have to reload, be sure to check out some really cool new apps as well! I would have never found the NYTimes Scoop App (surely I'll get to NYC some day) if this unfortunate mishap had not happened. Just continuing to make lemonade out of lemons...what's your favorite app you can't do without?


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