On A Quest For That Doggie Rainbow Bridge In The Sky

A most traumatic thing happened to me today and I feel the need to write...

As I was taking Ruff, Hermie, and Honey for a morning walk, Ruff began to cry out, then drop down, and finally collapse upon just starting our walk. He was dead a few minutes later. I've never lost a healthy, eight year old dog like this. And, I hope it will be the last.

Ruff was a wonderful gregarious shepherd mix I found in 2003. He and Red(alive and well and sad)were playing in the parking lot of a motel I had stopped at around 9:30pm. I looked at them periodically through the night peeking out my window. Upon leaving the next morning, Ruff and Red were sleeping soundly in the motel's flower bed. I started to leave but couldn't. I then loaded the two lost and dirty but sweet and loving dogs in my car and they have lived with me ever since. All my pets are spayed, neutered, flea and heart worm free and well taken care of. I do not hoard animals...I simply have eight seven dogs who have not had a decent home until I took them in.

I love each dog I care for and all the others who have no home and all the others who do. I simply love animals and all other furry critters. As a child, I dreamed of being a veterinarian when I grew up...I guess you could say my dream came half way true because through the years I have been fortunate to be able to take care of many lost, broken, hurt, injured, and neglected animals. Ruff was one of the best... and today I'm especially on a quest for that Doggie Rainbow Bridge in the sky...


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